I am a Law Professor at Kuwait University School of Law. This page was initiated due to popular demand (ie pressure exerted on me by my students at Kuwait University School of Law!). The philosophy behind this page is to serve as an extension to my classroom. Most of what you read here is based on / a follow-up of topics previously discussed in my lectures. Academically speaking, my blog posts are my ‘footnotes’.

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  1. I was really inspired by your blog (what lives coaches doesn’t tell you..) I saw your blog by one of my friends on facebook, and I thought ” wow I really like this blog and the way it looks, but what grab my attention is that blog. I think this issue is not only in Kuwait, it’s in Saudi Arabia too. I started the root of it since 09 before I leave to the USA. I use to tell my friends, don’t waste your money on these seminars, just go by the books, read’ em, and have a sense of responsibility (don’t be a victim)

    Akram Jamal
    San Francisco|Riyadh

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